Over 20 years of consulting experience.

Our knowledge goes beyond FlowTech Africa’s offerings.

We are well placed to help you plan the way forward in an industry where new technology and processes can bring real value, but where it can be challenging to choose the right approach in gaining these benefits.

FlowTech Africa’s business consultants work with clients to assess current business opportunities and identify solutions processes.

Solution Orientated

We work with you and your business to identify the most appropriate tools and techniques using industry best practice, our advisors can recommend the most appropriate future model, build the business case, assess readiness and design a change management program to support you in reducing the risk of the potential benefits not accruing.

Our team has extensive and wide knowledge having held assisted businesses in various industries.

Whatever your challenge, the FlowTech Africa team delivers results by drawing on practical experience, lessons learned and industry best practice.

Consulting 2

Change Management

FlowTech Africa often aligns a client’s business processes with its strategic business goals and objectives by implementing a robust change management program.

A new business model may be developed whether the organization’s need is to implement business change for operating efficiencies or in case of technical need such as the implementation of a new software platform.

Types of consulting services provided:

Business process design

Business process & software re-engineerig

Business process improvement

Process analysis

Software analysis

Business intelligence

Infrastructure, operations & architecture

Business applications

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